Monday, December 29, 2008

Colorado -Utah.

Dew Tour was pretty dope. Was hard to get speed for the last jump but alllllll good. I ended up in 25th in the qualifiers and 17 ended up going through. Bit gutting because my run wasn't really good at all. The party the next night was pretty maggot.

Park City has been fun. I have ridden 4 days there and they have a 5 jump line. Fun! I sessioned it for 4 hours straight yesterday. Today I have slept almost all day.

So, good times in Utah. We hit a ledge the other night that we managed to get pretty sweet photos on. Was a good mellow start to filming.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ride Website Link.

A little on the start of the season. Link right here.
Colorado has a good amount of snow. The Ride mini ramp in Seattle is 4 foot and hammers. Skatelite ply and a 6 foot mini is about to be connected which should be mental.

Whistler is a fun place place and the park there was nice for a start-of-the-season shralp and a bit of board testing went down also. Lowrise rocker gets the thumbs up from me.

Tomorrow the Dew Tour slopestyle are happening. We filled out a crazy amount of paperwork today for entry.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Donny Rickles was there.
Horrendous was our name.
Horrendous killing it.
The Ride mini ramp in Seattle.
Myself, Juuso and Megan at Keystone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dero Gold - Auckland - Vancouver - Whistler.

Canadian Mountains.
Keg Stand.
Morri - Best Dressed.
Whistler looks really nice. The snow line is high at the moment but the Ride crew are all dope and it has been a blast so far.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mount Maunganui.

The finished product and Heath.
Lupins line the road near Tekapo.
Waikuku Beach, just north of Christchurch.

The ferry. Ladiidaa.

Wellington Bowl.

The one, the only, Matthew Bell enjoying Oriental Bay.

Lake Taupo, glassy.

Am back in The Mount after a nice drive from Queenstown up here.  A lot of singing to myself and V drinking went on on the drive but I am at my destination now. 

Have finished painting the house and snow is on my agenda next. Have got my my feet sandy on a stroll along the beach and just checked out the new Rome movie at Dutty's pad. Eiki Halgason and LNP are deboucherous. 

Stayed in Wellington and enjoyed Oriental Bay with Matt Bell. 2 years in a row I have scored it on the drive up. Calm, sunny Wellington. Also, stopped in Kaikoura before Wellington to catch up with the Stef Zeestraten. The man is relaxing and relishing in the beauty Kaikoura offers.

The road from Queenstown all the way up to Christchurch was amazing. It was like something from a Disney movie. The road was lined with purple Lupins. All of the rivers had Lupins around them too. 

A barbeque on friday night at the Queesntown skatepark was another rad thing that has gone on in the past week. Geetz, Sammy and Farad? Were destroying the step up and new step up to ledge ply addition.