Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - A Bangin' Year.

I was going through some photos and videos and came across a lot of stuff I hadn't posted yet. Here is some of that stuff.

In Park City.
The day before this I was picnicking in the Waihi Gorge on the way to the airport.


Looking Good.
Underwater boxing day.
Christmas Barbeque.
Hamish Bagley - kickflip under the Christchurch sunset.
Mark Anderson launching into Lake Hayes.
Sunset in Queenstown.
Kaj keeping it mexican.
The last Flat white of 2009 in Queenstown.
Og Lower.
Up there in the stain game.

Falcon Swoop. One of these buggers stole my beanie too.

Falcon Swoop Aftermath.

Trampoline Camp in Christchurch

Sunday, December 20, 2009

HD Season.

Sand Wedge. from Nick Hyne on Vimeo.

First HD upload. Actually, to see Hd you have to click that little button.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dew Tour Breckenridge.

The finals are on Sunday. Good work Stef! Jake is well up there too. I think Shelly is through in Fifth for the ladies too.
1 Halldór Helgason 85.50
2 Stef Zeestraten 82.67
3 Nick julius 76.00
4 Heikki Sorsa 74.83
5 Tim Humphreys 74.00
6 Ulrik Badertscher 73.33
7 Seppe Smits 73.33
8 Nate Kern 69.33
9 Marius Otterstad 68.33
10 Robbie Walker 66.17
11 Sage Kotsenburg 66.00
12 Jason Dubois 64.33
13 Jake Black 62.33
14 Atsushi Ishikawa 62.17
15 Jake Koia 61.83
16 Fredrik Austbo 61.17
17 Andrew Fuller 60.50
18 Ian Thorley 59.00
19 Wyatt Caldwell 55.67
20 Josh Sherman 53.50
21 Seth Hill 51.00
22 Gjermund Braaten 49.17
23 Aleksander Østreng 47.67
24 Will Lavigne 47.00
25 Kim Rune Hansen 45.67
26 Alex LeBlanc 44.17
27 Mark Sollors 42.67
28 Mark Mcmorris 42.33
29 Zakary Hale 41.67
30 Robby Balharry 38.00
31 Juuso Laivisto 35.83
32 Aaron Biittner 33.50
33 François Boudreau 32.83
34 Scotty Vine 32.17
35 Bryan Daino 30.83
36 Jeff Kramer 24.67
37 Brett Esser 23.17
38 Colin Clarke 18.50
39 Niki Korpela 18.33
40 Andrew Burns 16.83
41 Taylor Carlton DNS
41 Ross Baker DNS
41 Kyle Clancy DNS
41 Silas Stannard DNS
41 Lonnie Kauk DNS
41 Jonas Carlson DNS
41 Danny Davis DNS
41 Broc Waring DNS
41 Marko Grilc DNS
41 Julien Beaulieu DNS

1 Halldór Helgason 90.00
2 Charles Guldemond 89.00
3 Sage Kotsenburg 85.83
4 Eric Willett 85.17
5 Stef Zeestraten 82.67
6 Heikki Sorsa 81.83
7 Tyler Flanagan 81.83
8 Brandon Reis 81.67
9 Scotty Lago 81.00
10 Sam Hulbert 79.33
11 Tim Humphreys 76.33
12 Andreas Wiig 71.17
13 Ulrik Badertscher 69.33
14 Tore Holvik 68.50
15 Mason Aguirre 66.67
16 Peetu Piiroinen 64.17
17 Robbie Walker 61.50
18 Janne Korpi 59.17
19 Brandon Cocard 51.67
20 Jason Dubois 50.33
21 Nick Poohachoff 48.83
22 Nate Kern 40.00
23 Seppe Smits 39.50
24 Nick julius 34.83
25 Marius Otterstad 32.33
26 Yale Cousino 17.00
27 Madison Ellsworth 11.00
28 Kevin Pearce WD

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Queenstown Barbeque Skateboarding.

Queenstown Skatepark Barbeque. from Nick Hyne on Vimeo.

A December evening at Queenstown Gardens Skatepark.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Slow Internet, Goblin.

Lately a bit of filming at the skatepark has been going down but slow internet has made uploading the edits about as much fun as sitting through the new Twilight movie. In the meantime here is something to view.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Tees.

One of Alex's creations displayed at Please Tees.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Labour Weekend at The Mount was bonza. Sun every day and good times. Some evidence below.

Thunder and lightning - like most of the photos at the World Press Exhibition was very, very frightening.
I saw this picture and naturally thought whoa. Dad assured me this guy is making a ton of money doing movitational seminars. Loving life here.
Went into Alta Newmarket and spotted this poster.
Bow and arrow vigilantes.
Naked barb wire gauntlet.
El Salvador.
4 seasons, one angle.
"One of the cameras recorded just a single image in 5 months."

Snow Leopards - elusive.

Jake Koia and Nick Brown.
Mount Maunganui.
Labour Weekend was clear skies and clear water.
Enjoying a 1.5 litre of L and P with a friend.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The North.

Any homework today au Miss Hyne?
Jess' security! Genius.
Rangitoto from New Market.
Renkon. Jacob's Creek by the bottle 20 huck.
Jess picked me up from the airport in the family Toyota. Stumbled across a sweet selection of cassettes. Nix Mix was there - looks like I had big plans for this tape but made too many mistakes writing 2 pac and gave up with the rest of them. Rammstein was on even on there too.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Botswana Butchery.

This place blew me away. Everything about the place was amazing. The toilets were so fancy I felt bad doing what I did in there. Everything from the fire to the birthday cakes was classy. I could go on and on but check out the wine cellar photo then go and check it out for yourself.
Jordan turns 26. He got a 1.4kg shoulder of lamb.
The wine cellar.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Episode 9 and D.I.Why.

Renovations of the kitchen. Akaroa is the colour.

Everything out of the cupboards and into the lounge.

If you close your eyes you can envisage the finished product.

A new kitchen.
The feature wall was the reason for the kitchen painting. Curtain hooks are the next thing on the list.

Ferret and Jordan waiting for the sun to pop through before our 4 way adventure on the channel gap.
Jordan and the 'little birdie' we caught some sweet air over.
The Channel Gap.

Episode 9 is below.
It has received the following reviews
- "OMG Episode 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is your best one yet - outstanding!"
-"This is by far the best episode of the season."
-"'ts good"
-"That was fully sick oi"
-"Sickest episode yet!"

Dutty Mariano is making a skate comeback. Check the evidence above.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Land of the rising pun.

Stumbled across these shots from the first day with the crew in Hokkaido in January. Am excited to get back there.

For a more ridiculous version of events from Hokkaido click this link. Heath Attenborough presents.

Oh yeah and here is the Bangers and Stash episode.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tis' the season to skate mini.

Today, Closing Day at The Remarkables. Jordan, Dutty, puddles.
Still a shitload of snow up there though.
Jake showing Hoots a backside disaster at Benny's ramp.
Benny's ramp was the third stop on our skate trip after riding on Saturday.
Jordan and my fingers.
Fingers are the new branches in professional snowboard photography.
The starting of a shaka in the park on Saturday.

Tulips and peace with Fifs.
More colourful stuff.

Water race Method.