Tuesday, July 21, 2009


JP pushing us up a landing super early season at The Remarkables.

After 50 bluebird days in a row the snow is once again falling here in New Zealand. The parks have been in good shape and with this top up of snow the backcountry should open up some good options too.

Diaries Downunder Episode 1 is history and the second episode is now up to view.
This inversion layer haunted Queenstown early season. We rose above it.

I painted the front door in June.

We get into The Stash in Episode 2. No jumping just playing on some of the dope features the park crew thought up.
Ride have put it up on their website in RCTV. Actually if you like to know what people have on their minds check it out on Twsnow.com. If the video doesn't entertain you at least the comment board will. Episode 2 is also viewable from this link at nzsnowboard.com.

I have been coaching my Wintech Japanese crew a bit in the past week and one of the students
has been sending shit beyond his years. He is 15 and has been keeping me on my toes. He launched one of the biggest hits I have ever seen at Coronet Peak yesterday and didn't flinch when he landed in the last metre of transition. It made me and the rest of the Japanese students do the classic 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeehh' with wide open mouth and eyes. Coronet Peak is ON at the moment. Coronet has possibly got the most fun lift-accessed terrain out of any resort I have been to and it is 20 minutes from Queenstown.

Tennis, painting, spaing, sparring, iPhoning, East Bound and Downing and champagne consuming have been a few other things going on lately. Will try to update this more often in the next few weeks. August should be a crazy one.
Towing the spa pool.

Oh yeah - 2 years ago a whole bunch of us did a trick tip each for DVD for NZsnowboarder. This was my views on Backside Lipslides 2 years ago.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snowblading, more spas, Cardrona, Diaries Dowunder, Tennis.

Happy Birthday Blog!
One year ago.
Diaries Dowunder Episode One for 2009 is now up. Screenshot below is from Transfersnowboard.com. Also viewable on nzsnowboard.com and snowflick.co.nz.