Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hiiii Miss Tai.

Hiro put together a sushi box for Sam on arrival into Niigata!


Sam, Kawaii, Me.

Let battle commence.

Am back in Hokkaido at the moment with some of the Ride crew. We hit some stuff off the side off the road today.
Before Hokkaido Sam Hulbert and I went and stayed with my friend Hiro before 'The Slope' Slopestyle at Joetsu Kokusai in Niigata.
So stoked on this event! I have been to watch it twice as a grommet
and finally getting to do it was amazing.
Sam and I ended up having to battle in the Semi-Finals with Sam getting through and
ending up in Second.
There was no battle for third and fourth so not really sure which place to claim there..ummm third.

Check the video link for how 'The Slope' went down.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mount Seymour once more.

Nick Brown, Jake Koia and I headed up to Mount Seymour yesterday to film another video blog. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the best (did you see Wayne Gretzky on the back of that ute carrying the torch?) so we rode a few laps and got these iphone photos.

Browner grabbing and pointing on the step-up.

Jake about to launch off the shark fin.

One footing.

The replica ledge.

Browner snapped one off me getting into a nosepress.

The opening ceremony fireworks.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mount Seymour.

Canadian Open is over. Kendall Brown deserves mad props for her effort in WINNING the halfpipe. Myself, Nick Brown, Stef Zeestraten and Jake Koia had a whole heap of fun during the competition and all rode well during practice. I had one of my best runs in the Semi-finals but ended up with 22nd not quite making the 16 man final.

In Vancouver now after an amazing drive from Calgary. Canada is a beautiful place.
Browner and I have been to Mount Seymour a couple of times and here is a little video blog to show what we got up to. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Justin Schulte - Video Future.

Justin Schulte is Am for Almost. Check this!

I asked Justin Schulte a barrage of questions - this was one of his answers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sundays In The Park and World Cup.

Team New Zealand in Chinatown

I went to Bear Mountain a few weeks ago with my friend Starr. I went filming for Sundays in the Park but only got 2 runs with the filmer. The video went on today with a a couple of shots in there.

Myself, Nick Brown and Stef Zeestraaten have been in Calgary for quite a few days now for the first World Cup Slopestyle. It was a super fun course and we ended up getting 3rd (Browner), 4th (Stef) and 5th (me). The Canadian Open is at the same place this next week so looking forward to that as well!