Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blog time.

Well this entry is the first in a month. Not really on but here we go. Am currently in The Mount visiting he whanau. The season is pretty much finished in New Zealand but there is still snow hanging around so we may go shape a little something something up. The past month has been a goodie. The weather has been pretty rubbish but a lack of good times hasn't been sacrificed. Diaries Dowunder is all finished for the season. Episode 7 should be up real soon and episodes 5 and 6 are now up on Our last day filming was on Tuesday (October 21st). JP and Lochy were kind enough to cart us up and down a few features that should be in Episode 7. Newsweek is also all over for the season too. Episode 20 was he last one. It went up after the end of season Snow Park party on October 4th. The NZSBU teams were named, given champagne and everybody got loose. Bloody great season all up! 
Thank you to all who have been watching Newsweek and Diaries Dowunder.