Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Flying can be a hassle but nost of the time it is bloody brilliant. I had a nightmare of a time getting from Rotorua to Queenstown last Thursday. The Qantas plane was broken. Engineering we were told. So , I didnn't get on the 1.40 flight that I was scheduled to go on. The next flight which only got as far as Christchurch was scheduled for 3.30. That was full. So, onto the 5.15 flight to Wellington linking to Christchurch. "When you get to Christchurch just go to the Qantas service desk and they will sort your accommodation for you and you can catch the earliest flight in the morning to Queenstown" I was told. "Will they still be open when I arrive at 7.30?" I asked. "Will just check that....yup they will" I got told. Thank you, that sounds easy I thought. I get to Christchurch airport and both the international and domestic Qantas terminals are shut. Hmmm..I thought and jumped on the phone to 0800 number. After being put on hold for 30 minutes then again for 20 minutes I finally get the answer that no they can't help me and noone had the name of the hotel that Qantas usually uses in Christchurch. This is ridiculous I told the lady. I just want the name of the hotel! "Can you call Australia and see if they have the name of the hotel?" I asked. No, we don't have the umber and there is nothing else we can do. 

I went and asked for some more help but everywhere was closed. The tourist desk, the Air New Zealand counter, the security guards..noone could tell me anything.

I finally found out the name of the hotel and had decided that I would use my credit card and charge it back to Qantas. Mum called Qantas in Australia and by the time I was checking in at the hotel a room, dinner and breakfast had been sorted out. I took it easy and then jumped on the first plane the next morning to my destination. I got into Queenstown about 20 hours later than I first thought....pretty sweet hotel and meals though.

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