Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Episode 9 and D.I.Why.

Renovations of the kitchen. Akaroa is the colour.

Everything out of the cupboards and into the lounge.

If you close your eyes you can envisage the finished product.

A new kitchen.
The feature wall was the reason for the kitchen painting. Curtain hooks are the next thing on the list.

Ferret and Jordan waiting for the sun to pop through before our 4 way adventure on the channel gap.
Jordan and the 'little birdie' we caught some sweet air over.
The Channel Gap.

Episode 9 is below.
It has received the following reviews
- "OMG Episode 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is your best one yet - outstanding!"
-"This is by far the best episode of the season."
-"'ts good"
-"That was fully sick oi"
-"Sickest episode yet!"

Dutty Mariano is making a skate comeback. Check the evidence above.

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