Sunday, November 1, 2009


Labour Weekend at The Mount was bonza. Sun every day and good times. Some evidence below.

Thunder and lightning - like most of the photos at the World Press Exhibition was very, very frightening.
I saw this picture and naturally thought whoa. Dad assured me this guy is making a ton of money doing movitational seminars. Loving life here.
Went into Alta Newmarket and spotted this poster.
Bow and arrow vigilantes.
Naked barb wire gauntlet.
El Salvador.
4 seasons, one angle.
"One of the cameras recorded just a single image in 5 months."

Snow Leopards - elusive.

Jake Koia and Nick Brown.
Mount Maunganui.
Labour Weekend was clear skies and clear water.
Enjoying a 1.5 litre of L and P with a friend.

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