Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - A Bangin' Year.

I was going through some photos and videos and came across a lot of stuff I hadn't posted yet. Here is some of that stuff.

In Park City.
The day before this I was picnicking in the Waihi Gorge on the way to the airport.


Looking Good.
Underwater boxing day.
Christmas Barbeque.
Hamish Bagley - kickflip under the Christchurch sunset.
Mark Anderson launching into Lake Hayes.
Sunset in Queenstown.
Kaj keeping it mexican.
The last Flat white of 2009 in Queenstown.
Og Lower.
Up there in the stain game.

Falcon Swoop. One of these buggers stole my beanie too.

Falcon Swoop Aftermath.

Trampoline Camp in Christchurch

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