Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bit of a Timeline.

This past season was Bangin' to say the least. A whole heap of travel, good friends, resorts and experiences all tucked under the belt. It is crazy being back in New Zealand - it feels like the past 3 and a half months were just a blur of good times. It is easy to forget about the travel stress and other crap and just remember the trip for being awesome. Snowboarding has lent me some good times lately that is FOR SURE. Am now looking forward to doing it all again here in New Zealand but until then check out some photos off my phone of my travels.
Check the bottom video out too.

Jawdropping fireworks bringing in the New Year at The Canyons, Park City.

The Nanshan Open in China - Yup, China has Red Bull girls.

Checked out The Great Wall of China with Browner - this thing can't be understated - humans are crazy.
The Beijing Newspaper - Scored cover of the Sports section.

Nothing is done by halves in China - the buildings are no exception - the driving argy bargy isn't either.

Tiananmen Square.

It is no secret that Bear Mountain has an amazing park. Was rad to get another day there.

Jeron Wilson handles his pro model at Val Surf.

Spencer Falls is now residing in Venice Beach - Here he shows a pose that has landed him some acting gigs.

Speedy Fernandez of Park City - Speedy even delivers boxes of PBR!

Park City pipe - Watched some history unveil this night.

FIS World Cup Slopestyle, Calgary. Browner all smiles after saddling up on the podium.

Canadian Open, Calgary.

Mount Seymour - it just happened to be raining this day.

Vancouver is a good-looking city - especially when the sun pokes through.

Vancouver Airport bookstore knows whats up!

Hiro and I in Niigata.

Funnest competition of the year - The Slope in Niigata.
This guy was ridiculous.

Tokyo is a small city of 12 million people so it is no surprise that I bumped into Vic at the bottom of the elevator unannounced on the one night I was there.

Noble goes Bald Eagle before attempting wallrides.

Yakiniku is the best -
especially after a day of riding feet of fluffy in Hokkaido.

Dad does his best to imitate a Japanese person eating marmite.
This one of the best days I have ever had.

Sapporo - Chitose Airport. Unbelievably my flight left this day.

Yuuta and me in Osaka. Peace!

Shelly celebrates her second place at the US Open - it was amazing to see it all go down.

Seattle turned on the Cherry Blossoms. This one was exceptional.

Roland, Roebuck and Will check out some of the raddest looking stuff I have ever laid my eyes on.

This place blew my socks off.

The Jeep and VB.

Getting ready. The U-Haul, 6 people, 3 snowmobiles and a whole bunch of other crews doing the same.

This was one of the best jumps we hit.

Beers at Jess' place in Reno.

Topaz Lodge - this place was home for 5 nights or so.

Dutty and I met up at LAX. A Samuel Adams to celebrate.

Dinner at home - first one in about 100 days!

Rob - "Probably the scariest moment of my life"

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