Friday, March 13, 2009

Japan and Northwest.

A few shots from my last week. Joetsu Kokusai, Mount Baker, Stevens Pass and Alpental below.

Joestsu Kokusai Hug.
Wintech Campers and my head.
Spencer like HEY.
Crazy Snow at Alpental.
American Petrol Station.
Crew and Rosen Gap.
Bugs and Rosen Gap
Power pole hit. The powerlines were buzzing.
Alpental traverse waterfall. Bit of a browny tinge there.
Photographer, top host and motivated individual Greg Roebuck.
Mount Baker jump under construction
Browner on Mount Baker Jump. Yup he killed it.
Browner and some heavy machinery.
Ground shock.
Mount Baker carpark.
Spencer Falls
Beautiful view after a hike at Alpental.
Crazy snow on traverse at Alpental.
Alpental Steeps.
Hiking at Alpental.
Experimenting. More practice required.

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