Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shaven haven?

Spencer, Bugs and Browner shaved their heads today. I wasn't keen. We helped Browner get the transmission out of his truck today and I got grease in my eye, nose, mouth and yup ear as well. I also got some in my hair, which made me think going brazilian up top would have been a good idea but am going to stay long for the moment unless Roebucks steps his offer up from $100.
Oh yeah, since last time I blogged we went to the world's newest and oldest Starbucks. We also got given some sweet Hersheys Kisses by a Waitomo Caves fanatic. We saw a guy hula hoop and play guitar at the same time, we also hit a gap over a cat track at Mount Baker and because of a blizzard, speed issues, a bit of sucking and 4 feet of snow in 3 days got nothing in the bag. We did make a snowcave though.

Blogger won't let me upload any photos sorry. Maybe tomorrow for photos.

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