Friday, August 29, 2008

12 days in a row.

The first table in The Remarkables Rampage Slopestyle.
The Remarkables - filming for Diaries Downunder Episode 2.

August is a busy month around these Southern Lakes and this year has been no exception. The last 12 days have been pretty hectic. Diaries Downunder Episodes 2 and 3 are now up on and should be on really really soon. This week has been slushy pretty much every day and it looks Spring will bring some good long days. Everything up the mountains is looking good and the coverage is awesome. Sunday (August 24th) was the Remarkables Rampage Slopestyle. Real dope course with a street style down rail, then a 45 foot jump into a 40 foot jump, then a wallride, then a 45-50 foot jump, then finishing with an up rail. I managed to link together both my runs and was stoked on both of them. I ended up winning and got the best pay-cheque of the year to date. The That's It That's All premiere was also hammers in Wanaka last Wednesday. Travis Rice is a force that will take a lot to be reckoned with.

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