Saturday, August 9, 2008

Parklife Rail Jam and Mountain Dew Rail Jam and Remarkables Day.

Big Buck Hunter - Revolver
Booze Fullas - Revolver
Well Thursday was a big day. We hiked up above the chutes at The Remarkables and found some goodies. Episode 2 of Diaries Downunder will show you more. Should be up in the next day or two on and After a day of marathon hiking Jordan Rehrer and myself hopped in the car and made our to Snowpark for the Rail Jam. Jordan ended up in second. He switch backside 270ed in to the ledge and then tried it on the middle rail and roly pollied down the stairs. Last night brought the Parklife Invitational Rail Jam. The snow was soft and the set-up was great. A flatish rail to drop and a down pipe were the items. Jye Kearney took top honours. An American guy Wes, absolutely killed it. I ended up with Best Trick Snowboard apparently but the Best Trick money went to the skiers. Another good event. Bonza.

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