Sunday, August 3, 2008

Burton Open, Coronet Peak

Last Monday myself, Bugs and Jordan went up to Heidi's Hut at Coronet Peak and got a few shots on a new rail up there. The set-up was disgusting but it didn't phase Jordan at all. He managed to get a whole heap of tricks. I spent the whole trying the same trick pretty much but ended up getting it after a lot of switch accidental firecrackers. The car got stuck, it started to snow, there was no snow nearby for the run-in, the picnic tables were too close to the rail and there was a drop off the end of the tables right before the rail, oh yeah, and we had to stop every 15 minutes and unravel the extension cord so the groomer could drive by. We hurried off the mountain and got to the Dero premiere. Playing catchup I outdid myself pretty quickly and have blank spots from the night. The video is dope though!

Practice for the Burton Open started on Wednesday at Snow Park. We got some good runs in although the light was flat. On Thursday we headed over at way too early in the morning for qualifiers. Browner put together a dope run with Cab 9 into Back 7. He qualified in second and I qulaified in 3rd.

Friday brought another early start for semi-finals. I managed to qualify in 12th and made finals. In finals the light came flat again but it didn't slow Mikkel Bang down. All 3 of his finals runs would have got him first place. I ended up in 8th, first New Zealander with a run that I didn't really plan to do but I stayed on my feet and made it to the bottom with a smile on my face.

Went night riding at Coronet Peak last night with Jake Koia, Bugs and friends before heading to Wanaka for the Manual party at Barluga. Sick bar and party but they overcharged like crazy. In turn people stole some beers - then got kicked out.

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