Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hokkaido is Saweet.

We have been riding and filming as much as we can lately. Some long days - one started at 4.50am and we got home 12.30am and some mellow days. All of them have been pretty fun. Bugs is here filming with his new dope camera setup. His video editing is looking daaaaammn good too. 

Here is a list of some of the things I have seen in the last few days.

1. Homeless looking guy threw a cheeseburger wrapper at us at McDonalds. He was rocking a Rossignol fluoro cap with fluffy ears and the peak turned up
2. Saw roadworkers - they are crazy. 5 people smoking cigarettes while one guy starts digging some snow out of a hole.
3. Saw Mark and Ferret scrapping while wasted yelling 'SUMIMASEN SUPERMAN' at each other. Jeremy jumped out of bed slammed Mark down then was back asleep all within 5 seconds.
4. 4 foot deep snow.
5. A lady towing her shopping around in a snowsled. is where it is at with blogs right now. Check it out.

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