Thursday, February 26, 2009

Semi Finals Asian Open Slopestyle

Today was the Asian Open Slopestyle Semi Finals at Alts Bandai. After a horrific food poisoning filled fun 12 hour, 5 different trains excursion Bugs and I found ourselves here on Sunday. Exhausted we slept the whole day. The next day was registration and I spent the best part of the day either sleeping or in 'mens room'. There was a bit of practice and being outdoors gave me a bit of fresh air and practice went fine. That night the sound of my guts swirling about woke me up. Not good. The next day was Pre-qualifiers and qualifiers. I just made it through both which brings us the semi finals today.

I landed a run I was stoked on with 2 9s but it wasn't quite enough and I came 28th. 16 went through to the finals. Chas Guldemond is in first with Cab 9 into Back 12. The 12 was insane.

Next on the agenda is an Asahi and Onsen. Bugs is probably making up a little web video of the Nippon Open but in the meantime go to and check out the latest blog.

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