Sunday, July 6, 2008

Arrowtown - Wallow 21 - Winter Festival Rails

Shovelling stairs by the hedge.

The hedge.

Jordan getting tossed on the kink. Didn't slow him down.

Creames about to drop into the kink with a new drop in ramp after ours broke.
Coronet Stair Feature.

Woke up yesterday and the view outside the window of the house was WHITE! Snow covered Queenstown. Myself, Jordan Rehrer and Karl Dunham knew that Arrowtown must be more covered than Queenstown and off we went. The big 30 stair at Arrowtown has always been a rail that I have wanted to hit. Jordan and I were pumped. We arrived at Arrowtown and there was 15cm of white but no rail! It had been pulled out and it looks a massive kink is going to sit in tis place. Heaps of people were sessioning the skatepark and then a few deros rocked up to session a few things. I was scratching my head about how to best use the opportunity and spotted a hedge. it was a total experiment. Unsure of how it would ride and hold weight. We started digging and a crowd gathered. Snow in town in New Zealand means people tend to lose their minds. It was a circus. I managed to get a shot on the hedge after convinced 'shovel lady' to give us one hit each. To our amazement it worked! Hedgejibbing is on. After our drop in ramp broke we headed to one of the new kinks and Jordan got some dope shots and got tossed on one attempt too. Creames also had a raz and dealt to the kink with a badass 5050. Halfway through the session "Tim" turned up. "Tim" got a 5050 front 0ne then tried to front 1 into the kink! Madness! He ended up snapping breaking the rail, ending the session. 

We then made a treacherous endeavour over the Crown Range for Wallow's 21st birthday for some 2 buck beers. There was a good turn out at the Trout Bar in Wanaka. Heaps of food, crew and cheap alcohol made for a top night and a worthy mission.

Today started slowly but after a good sized coffee the started to take shape. We headed up to Coronet Peak for the Winter Festival Rail Jam....but not before getting a run in. It is so good up there at the moment! So many cut-outs and so much snow has covered the mountain. The Rail Jam started at around 3pm and it was a jam session to sort out the 14 finalists. So many people were throwing down. 

The setup was 3 features.
12ish stair round down bar or flat down rail then a tabletop-style snow feature with a down box that could be gapped onto or hit street style. 
Harper and company were up there until 10 last night in a blizzard setting it up.

Jordan won best trick with cab 270 -270 off the flat down
Jeremy Thorns also got an award for doing a SICK backside 270 onto the stair feature
I won the overall and Callie Conaghan won the Womens.

When prizegiving was over we got some nightriding in. Karl Dunham was claiming all-time Coronet. It was damn good.

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