Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cardrona - Newsweek 6.

Second day of the journal box and the second entry - might not keep this up but lets see how things go.

Well, this morning it was bloody hard to rise out of bed hearing rain on the roof and it still being dark outside but....Cardrona delivered the goods for us. No park but a few cat track hits, rollers and oversized coffees delivered a fun day. Browner and I met Jake at the bottom of the Crown Range and headed over to the 'alternative' side of the range. I Filmed Episode 6 of Newsweek with Wallow (viewable 9am Friday morning - always the same) while Browner and Jake lapped the powder. Once filming came to a conclusion we met up with them and Stef Zeestraten. 
Browner got a doooope Front 3 off one of the big air rollers and Jake boosted a mental Cab 7 off one of the cat tracks. As much fun as it was, the highlight of the day would have had to have been the mad table tennis battles in Jake's garage afterwards. 
Jake was 'emotional' you might say. 
A few (very) low resolution photos of today's actions attached.

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