Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Went up to the Mini-Shred competition at The Remarkables today with Heath Patterson and Callie Conaghan. Our job for the day was to 'be seen' and ride with the grommets after prizegiving. The snow and features are so good up there. Everybody was loving it. Most of the grommies were exhausted by the time we got to ride with them but they seemed stoked. Browner did his darndest to try to convince me go to Treble Cone with him and Vaughan Brookfield but I decided the mini-shred was a worthy cause and the decision was a goodie! He drove to Treble Cone did one run-saw the snow was wind effected rubbish then did the same at Cardrona. 
Stoked I didn't go. Word to all the grommies out there that I saw absolutely destroying it today. Josh Clark put it well when he said 'The young fullas made me feel..well....old'.

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