Saturday, July 19, 2008

A week or two of stuff.

Blair Finlay had a birthday on Monday - shortly after this 28 Jagermeister shots were laid out on the bar at Rattlesnake.
Sam Hanna - ummm Switch Jackson?
Lagging big time in the blog updating. Seems like a bitch trying to get photos up on here. Sor tit Google or Telecom..whoever sucks. Went over to the Dunedin Rail Jam last Thursday. Slow snow but a dope ledge (pictured) and Grootz killing it meant for a progressive session. Filmed at the Skatepark on Sunday, Blair had a birthday on Monday, The Remarkables Slopestyle and Newsweek episode 8 on Wednesday. 
The biggest news  in the past week I guess would be that myself and Reason Films have been given the green light to make some videos for We are stoked to have Ride, Smith, Lo.wer and Parklife on board for the project. 
Dunedin Rail Jam Thursday July 10th.
Singstar last Saturday at Alex Hughes' digs.
Skatepark last Sunday - Bugs films Gregg Timms.

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